Spice up your event with a unique catering experience!

How about a whole roast hog or spit roast lamb Rotisserie/Spit Roast Catering event. A whole spit roast lamb or hog is not only an impressive sight but absolutely delicious too-something your guests will always remember. The key to the taste is the way the meat rotates continuously during cooking, whilst constantly self basting and marinating in its own juices. This results in tender, flavorful meat contrasted with a crispy, slightly salted skin. We use the freshest USDA approved meat and ingredients sourced from local farmers. We believe this, along with our friendly and professional service, is the finest spit roast catering experience for your event.

Wether it be a Wedding, Birthday, Private Function, Festival, Show,
Corporate Event or even a casual gathering of friends, we will satisfy
all your catering needs. No smoke. No mess. No fuss – We’ve got it covered